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Sunny Beach
Hotel Pautalia
(opposite hotel Nobel)

Phone/Fax: +359 554 42121



Head manager of the center is Dr. Marwan Nazzal:

- Graduated in Medicine - Medical University - Varna in 2001.
- Worked as a trainee doctor in the state hospital "Al Bashir Hospital-Jordan (2001-2003).

- He has worked as supervisor in "NatHealth” – The National Company for Administration of health insurance- Jordan (2003- 2005)
- Dr. Nazzal has worked as a general practitioner and head of the medical center of the town of Al-Guerra in South Jordan (2004-2006)
- Worked as a general practitioner in  "SunnyMED - Sunny Beach (2006-2009)


         Currently, Dr. Nazzal specializes Skin and venereal diseases in the Skin Clinic at the Hospital Sv.Anna - Varna. He visits regulary the Medical and Dermatological congresses in Bulgaria and abroad. He is interested exclusively in aesthetic and dermatologic surgery. He is a regular member of the Bulgarian and the Jordanian Medical Association.